13 Reasons Why season 2 release date, trailer, cast, theories, and everything you need to know

Yet to really compare 13 Reasons Why to anything would be doing a disservice to what is one of the most special series to ever grace Netflix. At its core, 13 Reasons Why is a study in how we treat one another. Advertisement And, I will warn you now: This show is not kind — even if it implores its characters to be. It is, however, very, very important — especially for teens, their parents, and any authority figure who deals with either. And that — well, that would be bad for everyone.

Justin Foley

Like many others, I watched Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why recently. The jury is out on how impressionable the story has been on young minds, but this post is not about that. It is about the unlikely hero of the story, Alex Standall. In his story arc, we may find the answer to the larger question posed by the show. The first male friend that the protagonist Hannah Baker makes in her new school, Alex soon becomes a part of the “it” group, something Hannah never manages to become.

While it is the same group of people who cause Hannah to take her life in some way or the other, Alex stands out as the only person who truly understands the reasons why Hannah did what she did.

And no, they’re not dating irl. 13 Reasons Why is all the heat office / anyone with a Netflix account is talking about right now, and for good reason. From sparking important Mental Health discussions to Selena Gomez casually confirming the news that that a second series is currently in the works.

Netflix Advertisement – Continue Reading Below It’s not explicit, but the fact that recalling a moment of kindness where Alex saved him from a bully prompted Tyler to remove his picture from the group seems to imply the pictures are some sort of hit list for his planned school shooting. It would drive Hannah’s original message home even further. One might have hoped her tapes would teach everyone involved in her death to be kinder to the people around them.

Instead, in the process of dealing with the fallout from the tapes, Tyler, who was already completely ostracized from his peers at Liberty High, was made to feel like even more of an outsider. Because even when Team Tapes formed a tacit alliance to keep the tapes a secret, Tyler was still left out of their discussions despite being on them. Even Clay, who was the show’s protagonist and seemed to have a sort of moral high ground over his peers, leaked a photo of Tyler naked to the whole school to get back at him for spreading the photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing which is undoubtably what landed him on Tyler’s hit list.

Could the second season’s sequence of events be kicked off by the tragedy of Tyler carrying out a school shooting? If it is, it’s likely the producers will figure out a way to have Tyler explain why everyone made his list. Perhaps Tyler will take his thirteen victims hostage within the school and the present-day storyline will go down over the course of one day as Tyler explains why everyone made his hit list in flashbacks? But that wouldn’t allow the writers to answer any of our lingering questions from season one.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Advertisement – Continue Reading Below So maybe Tyler attempts to carry out his plan and fails, but he leaves behind some sort of record of why everyone made his hit list that they’ll have to work through in the aftermath of the shooting. Perhaps in the school yearbook? There are literally a hundred different ways this could play out on screen, but whatever form it takes, it’s likely the events that transpired because of Hannah’s suicide will be included in some of Tyler’s reasoning, offering a gateway into addressing some of the unanswered questions from season one and for Katherine Langford to return as Hannah in flashbacks, hopefully.

Miles Heizer Wiki: Everything to Know about Alex from “13 Reasons Why”

Edit When Alex was seven, he had to start cleaning up his drunk and drug addict father. At that point, he became the adult of the family as his mother was schizophrenic. Alex described himself as being “raised in a bar” and that his father never took him to the park or camping. Alex was in 17 different foster homes in the course of 5 years.

Unless you live under a rock or your friend doesn’t let you use their Netflix login anymore, you probably know that people are obsessed with13 Reasons Why.

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After Justin tries to stop this and fails, he goes downstairs and feels guilty and disgusted at what Bryce could be doing to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Hannah is actually hearing and somewhat witnessing what Bryce is doing to Jessica as she hasn’t come out of the closet, being too scared to move. After Bryce leaves, Hannah removes herself from the closet, throws up in the nearest bin, and puts a cover on Jessica whilst distraught at what she just witnessed happen to her friend.

Hannah blames both herself, for not being able to stop Bryce and Justin, for not pushing Bryce back and defending Jessica. But she obviously heavily blames Bryce more than anything. Physical Appearance Justin has brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a Liberty High Tigers Basketball jersey jacket in most episodes.

Actor Brandon Flynn made his mark earlier this year as bad boy Justin Foley on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Now, in an emotional Instagram post, the actor makes the case for marriage equality in.

Image ’13 Reasons Why’: Sending the Wrong Message? Victor Schwartz discuss how the show handles teen depression and suicide and whether it is attracting an age-appropriate audience. One of the reasons the show has received so much praise is because of the incredible talent of the young actors, specifically the way they manage to maturely act out such difficult scenes. The show revolves around the character Hannah Baker, who records tapes explaining why she committed suicide.

Hannah is played by Aussie actress and newcomer Katherine Langford, who, despite playing a year-old on the show, celebrated her 21st birthday on the weekend. Actress Katherine Langford on the red carpet for the premiere.

Thirteen Reasons Why Book Summary and Study Guide

After Justin tries to stop this and fails, he goes downstairs and feels guilty and disgusted at what Bryce could be doing to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Hannah is actually hearing and somewhat witnessing what Bryce is doing to Jessica as she hasn’t come out of the closet, being too scared to move. After Bryce leaves, Hannah removes herself from the closet, throws up in the nearest bin, and puts a cover on Jessica whilst distraught at what she just witnessed happen to her friend.

Hannah blames both herself, for not being able to stop Bryce and Justin, for not pushing Bryce back and defending Jessica.

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As we watched the series, we found ourselves asking a lot of questions about that cast. Where do we know them from? How old are they? Is that that one guy from that one show? Basically, we lived on IMDb for the duration of our 13 Reasons Why binge, so we’re here to share some of the mildly interesting actor facts we learned along the way, in the form of the questions you may have asked as you made your way through the show.

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13 Reasons Why imagines

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Interviewed in October , his nanny Dianne Lavergne was quoted, “Justin is a mommy’s boy, so it’s not easy, but children’s hurts mend very quickly.

* 13 Reasons why It is an adaptation of jay asher’s bestseller novel of the same name. See 13 reasons why mainly focused on a high school teenager hannah baker and what drives her to take her own life.

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Jay Asher’s unflinching best seller begins when a shoebox full of cassette tapes — recorded by high-school student Hannah Baker before she took her own life — shows up on year-old Clay Jensen’s doorstep. Each tape is dedicated to a person she believes shares a portion of the blame for her death, including Clay himself. The Netflix drama, produced by Selena Gomez , expands on Clay and Hannah’s intimate, one-night journey and those of others.

Justin Foley is one of the main characters in 13 Reasons Why. He is portayed by Brandon Flynn. He is the son of Amber Foley, the ex-boyfriend of Jessica Davis and Kat and attended Liberty High School, but didn’t finish [1].Alias: Justy (by Jessica Davis and Bryce Walker).

Hannah’s story is far from over. With so many questions about her past, Yorkey says we’re far from done with her. Despite her suicide, Yorkey, speaking to Entertainment Weekly , revealed Hannah will be back. Is the school responsible? Who is responsible, if anyone is? Yorkey says that’s just one of the ways we’ll explore Hannah’s tale. The other “is through all of these kids reflecting on where they are a few months down the road and what other secrets are being uncovered.

Bryce rapes Hannah in the Netflix show – will he get punished? Netflix Now that Katherine Langsford has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the show she’s revealed a bit more. I would prepare fans not to expect Hannah from Season 1 for a multitude of reasons,” she said cryptically. Read More Is this the end for Hannah? Langsford was quizzed on season 3, and her answer gave away more than you’d think.

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Meaghan Kirby May 11, 9: She said, “I want it to be a beautiful message in a really complicated way, but really fun. Alex Standall has survived his suicide attempt — and is rocking new hair. A very different Justin Foley returns. Jessica and Alex have renewed their friendship. Much of Season 1 featured the friendship among Hannah, Jessica, and Alex — which fell apart after Jessica and Alex began dating and later broke up.

alex and justin 13 reasons why dating in real life. Fans #39;s 13 reasons why lost are alex and justin from 13 reasons why still dating their minds last week and justin from 13 reasons why are dating in real life and i didnt know i.

Shortly after becoming friends with Hannah and Jessica, Alex eventually drifted away and made a new group of friends, though he still remained friendly with Hannah. Alex eventually started dating Jessica, and because of this, the both of them drifted away from Hannah as they wanted to hang out on their own However, Jessica and Alex eventually hit a bump in their relationship when Jessica refused to have sex with Alex, which upset him and he then decided to break up with her, though Jessica remained oblivious to the reason why.

Eventually at school one day, Bryce and some of the other jocks created a “hot or not” list, and Alex decided to contribute and thus nominated Jessica with the worst ass and Hannah with the best ass in order to “piss” Jessica off due to her refusal to have had sex during their relationship. This action ultimately led to Jessica confronting Hannah at Monet’s because Jessica thought Hannah was responsible for Alex breaking up with her, and she insulted and slapped Hannah. This completely ruined Hannah and Jessica’s friendship and Alex’s contribution to the list also led to Hannah being sexually harassed by Bryce and numerous others at school, all the while boosting his own popularity.

He is a bright, kind and caring person who is willing to accept responsibility for his actions. However Alex is somewhat selfish as he deliberately helped make a list in order to get revenge against Jessica for refusing to have sex with him, and in the process destroyed Hannah’s friendship with Jessica and completely humiliated her and led her to be sexually harassed by the jocks in the school.

He even appeared to enjoy the popularity he received as a result of making the list and becoming liked by the more popular crowd. When she was alive, Alex appeared to show little remorse for what he did to Hannah and never attempted to rectify the situation between her and Jessica, nor did he apologize for the humiliation he caused her.

‘13 Reasons Why’ Star Brandon Flynn, Sam Smith Dating? Couple Spotted Kissing

And though most of the questions that burned in viewers’ minds were answered in the last few episodes, the finale dished up more what-ifs than any of us were anticipating. Just what happened at the end of the first season, and what does it mean for the show’s possible second? Hannah is dead This seems like an obvious observation, given how unapologetically brutal Hannah’s death was in the finale episode and how the entire series centers around her ultimate, unfortunate end.

Fans of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when rumors started to fly that Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) might be dating in real life.

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