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Consequently, Villegagnon built Fort Coligny on the island when attempting to establish the France Antarctique colony. Rio de Janeiro was the name of Guanabara Bay. The city remained primarily a colonial capital until , when the Portuguese royal family and most of the associated Lisbon nobles, fleeing from Napoleon ‘s invasion of Portugal, moved to Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese court and imperial capital[ edit ] The kingdom’s capital was transferred to the city, which, thus, became the only European capital outside of Europe. As there was no physical space or urban structure to accommodate hundreds of noblemen who arrived suddenly, many inhabitants were simply evicted from their homes. The first printed newspaper in Brazil, the Gazeta do Rio de Janeiro , came into circulation during this period. There was a large influx of African slaves to Rio de Janeiro:


Confidential Resources and Reporting — Student Health Services Student Health Services provides confidential medical care to any student, including victims of sexual assault. It also houses a Class D pharmacy and carries over the counter items. The University Counseling Center The University Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health services to any student. Their primary purpose is to address mental health concerns and promote personal growth and well-being.

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The wealth of Aphrodisias came from the marble quarries and the art produced by its sculptors. The city streets are arranged around several large civic structures, which include temples, a theatre, an agora and two bath complexes. After , Asmara underwent a large scale programme of construction applying the Italian rationalist idiom of the time to governmental edifices, residential and commercial buildings, churches, mosques, synagogues, cinemas, hotels, etc.

The property encompasses the area of the city that resulted from various phases of planning between and , as well as the indigenous unplanned neighbourhoods of Arbate Asmera and Abbashawel. Situated at the confluence of the Volga, the Sviyaga and the Shchuka rivers, at the crossroads of the Silk and Volga routes, Sviyazhsk was founded by Ivan the Terrible in It was from this outpost that he initiated the conquest of the Kazan Khanate.

The Assumption Monastery illustrates in its location and architectural composition the political and missionary programme developed by Tsar Ivan IV to extend the Moscow state. One of the areas where they took up residence was the Swabian Jura in southern Germany. Excavated from the s, six caves have revealed items dating from 43, to 33, years ago.

Among them are carved figurines of animals including cave lions, mammoths, horses and bovids , musical instruments and items of personal adornment. Other figurines depict creatures that are half animal, half human and there is one statuette of a woman. These archaeological sites feature some of the oldest figurative art worldwide and help shed light on the origins of human artistic development. This place became a site of pilgrimage for the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Taos Pueblo is one of the top Taos NM attractions. Most of the existing buildings were probably built sometime between and A. Hlaukwima south house and Hlauuma north house are believed to be of the same age. The Pueblo consists of five stories of individual homes that are built side-by-side and on top of each other with common walls.

Several feet thick, the walls were made of earth mixed with water and straw to maintain a cool interior.

Built on the banks of the Rio Grande, this adobe fort protected settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Apache Indians. Fort Stanton Historic Site Fort Stanton is situated on acres and surrounded by 1, acres of undeveloped BLM land in south-central New Mexico.

Approximately three to seven miles away from Cusco City. How to Get Here: Bus and car accessible. Walking tours available in between sites. Comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water, poncho during rainy season. As the former capital of the mighty Inca state, the larger Cusco region is a treasure trove of historical and archeological attractions. Admission is included in the Boleto Turistico, and the three sites are often combined with a tour of Sacsayhuaman.

Imagine a city where every new temple and palace was built to be more grandiose than the last. Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, was such a city and the Qorikancha was designed to be the grandest temple of them all. Today, the remains of this important site can be found at the intersection of Calle Santo Domingo and Avenida Sol in the historic center of Cusco.

The Andean Temple of the Sun The Inca were talented astronomers who built observatories throughout the region. Huacas were situated directly on transcendental lines ceques that were believed to unite the sacred energies of the earth. Qorikancha, built to honor the sun god, Inti, was the center point where these lines came together. The temple stands on a natural hill nestled between two rivers, Shapy-Huatanay and Tullumayo.

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This nature reserve gives us a good idea of what the Rhine area looked like before its banks were developed by Man. Nature reserve of the Offendorf forest Located on a former Rhine gravel bank, the nature reserve protects 60 hectares of alluvial forest. The whole of the natural site, deprived since of the Rhine’s floods and their contributions in nutritious sediment, is flooded, at the start of the summer, by the rising of the water table during the period of the Rhine’s high waters.

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It includes properties in the eastern half of adjacent Wimpy, Second, Main, and Mirasoles streets, and their intersecting side streets, an area which comprised the main part of the downtown shopping district throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Rio Grande City has a long and colorful history dating from its 18th century origins as a Spanish land grant to its place in the Mexican and American Civil Wars and as a Calvary post through the first half of the 20th century.

Land grants on the lower Rio Grande Valley were long, narrow ribbons known as porciones. Porciones spanned the river cross-wise to give each property owner at least a modicum of river frontage. Although their property lay on both sides of the Rio Grande River, nearly all the landowners lived on the south side of the river, in present Mexico, and conducted only modest ranching operations on the north. One of the principle reasons was that there were more established communities or villas with greater numbers of people to guard against American-Indian attacks on the south side of the river.

American-Indian attacks on isolated ranching outposts on the north side of the river were relentless throughout the 18th and well into the 19th centuries.

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Rentfro was born in Montgomery County in After receiving his law degree from the University of Kentucky in , he returned to Huntsville, Texas, where he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. In , he moved his law practice from Montgomery County to Brownsville, where he entered into the firm of Wells and Rentfro. His son, also R. Rentfro, practiced law in Brownsville from until his death in , during which time he concurrently served as mayor of Brownsville, city commissioner and county attorney.

Yates were named as the first attorneys for the District in , and in , R.

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It partly displaced an earlier tradition of black-on-white pottery and was inspired by the White Mountain Red Ware tradition Carlson centered on the upper Little Colorado drainage of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. Los Padillas is found at sites dominated by black-on-white decorated pottery Mera Habicht-Mauche , Table 2 dates it from AD to , however.

The type is sometimes called Los Padillas Glaze Polychrome. Rio Grande Glaze Ware was fired in an oxygen rich atmosphere. The lead-based pigment yielded a black glazing paint despite the presence of oxygen, while iron-based, non-glazing pigment yielded a matte red paint. Red design elements were most often outlined in black.

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Traditions Places of Faith The heartland of Northern New Mexico is the domain of many notable churches and shrines that embody the history of the region and the deep and abiding spiritual callings of its people. Many of these can be visited in a single morning or afternoon. But what may begin as just a visit could, with each stop, turn into an extended, insightful journey through time and space, multiple cultures and glowing but contrasting expressions of the 2, year-old faith that was transplanted to New Mexico from distant Spain, Mexico, the eastern United States and even France across a span of four centuries.

It is also one of the most artistically rich and architecturally well-preserved churches in all of New Mexico. The tall, monumental church, which contains two side chapels in addition to an enormous nave and a spacious central altar, was built in In a church dating to before the Pueblo Revolt of had been deemed structurally unfit, and permission to build a new church was sought from the viceregal government in Mexico City.

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